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The Art of Depreciation and Refinancing Hotels

If you are looking to build property, market figures indicate that this is not a good time. If you want to refinance a property, though, then that is a different story. With plenty of loans available for existing hotels as fundamentals remain steady, this may be the best time to acquire that hotel you’ve been eyeing or think about refinancing a property.

What’s Happening?

Current market conditions mean that a lot of hotel owners are choosing to hold rather than sell their properties. With many sellers not quite finding the values they want to see, there is little product for sale on the market. That has opened up avenues for potential investors who would like to step in, buy a property, or refinance capital.

How it Benefits You

With property interest rates down, there is no better time than right now to get into the game. Also, with plenty of debt funds in the market, there is a lot of capital for refinancing, making it a viable option for any investor out there who is looking to expand his or portfolio or cash in on potential gains.

How to Get Started

First, you need to find the right property to finance. Getting professional help is a must in this case. You need to find hotels that take advantage of the lower interest rates. Talk to experienced hotel brokers to find them. With a professional to handle the search for you, you won’t need to worry that you may be missing out on the best hotels and properties out in the market.

How to Pick a Broker

Experience is not enough, though. When you hire brokers, look for qualified professionals. Someone who has spent years in the industry brokering and handling agreements between hotel property buyers and sellers will be in a better position to help you than a broker who may deal with a range of properties. Specialization can count for a lot.

What Qualities to Look for

Aside from experience and expertise, you need to find someone with an excellent reputation and track record in the area. A reputable firm can make the difference between winning and losing when you enter the investment market. Whether you are looking for a hotel for sale by the owner or by a group, the right broker can help.

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