Global Hotel Investment Volume Prediction: $67B

Global Hotel Investment

Global Hotel Investment Volume Prediction: $67B Could 2019 possibly be the year for hotel investments? Studies say, yes. The market is ripe for the hotel industry, which makes it the perfect time to start investing in properties. There are plenty of opportunities for investment, given the rise in capital flows from all over the world, […]

2018’s Hotel Profit Plunge

Hotel Profit Plunge

Has business been feeling slow lately? Despite the influx of customers, has it been more difficult to breakeven? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 2018 wasn’t a good year for business, particularly in the hotel industry. Recent statistics show that there was a hotel profit plunge by at least 5%. The factors which led to the […]

Five Things Every Hotel Lender Wished Borrowers Did

Hotel Brokers

Now is the best time to refinance hotels. But while conditions are ripe for borrowers, that does not automatically mean that your application will be approved. Before you go to a lender, here are five things you should do—or what are essentially five things every hotel lender wants you to do before you submit your […]

Weathering Hotel Downturn – Are You Prepared?

Downturn In The Hotel Business

The time to prepare for a flat tire is not after running over a nail. The same can be said for those who run hotels—the time to prepare for a downturn is right now. By the time a financial or economic downturn happens to your business, it is too late to begin planning how to […]