Global Hotel Investment

Global Hotel Investment Volume Prediction: $67B

Global Hotel Investment Volume Prediction: $67B

Could 2019 possibly be the year for hotel investments? Studies say, yes. The market is ripe for the hotel industry, which makes it the perfect time to start investing in properties. There are plenty of opportunities for investment, given the rise in capital flows from all over the world, including cross-border inflows. These positive signs should be enough to encourage anyone to start dealing their hand in hotel investments.

On their end, hotel owners should also start looking forward to a greater influx of investments as the increased activity in the hotel industry is bound to attract interested investors.

If you’re looking for signs whether this year will be good for business, here are a few positive markers for investors and hotel brokers alike:

Global Fundraising for the Hotel Industry

2019 has started off as a year with plenty of investment in the right direction, meaning the hotel industry will expect an increase in investments from global patrons. There have been plenty of efforts of private fundraisers to invest in properties from the hotel industry. The estimated investment of private funds has amounted to at least USD28.8 billion, a good sign for hotel and motel brokers. The hotel industry is definitely going to see an upbeat investment if this continues.

Increased Global Capital Flows

As mentioned earlier, there has been greater interest in the hotel industry by tourists and visitors across the borders. The regions where there appear to be the most capital flows are Europe and the Middle East. However, it seems that Europe will be the leading region when it comes to capital inflow. Fortunately, while top hotel chains occupy only one-third of hotel rooms globally, investors’ attention will be more inclined towards unique concepts and locations, making this a year for small businesses to shine.

Next Steps?

There are plenty of ways for a hotel owner to gain leverage in the market and get investors interested in them. Hotel brokerage is common, and availing the aid of a hotel broker can help increase your property’s salability. The trick is finding the right broker who can help your brand be more visible to potential investors.

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