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Standard Hotel Group Raises $5m For New App

The Standard International’s hotels have always been a byword for trendy rooms and late-night party spots. Now, it sets to add incubator to its list of accomplishments, as Standard Hotels launches a one-night booking app.

Not Pay-Per-Minute

The mobile app was launched in 2016 and has a list containing over 200 hotels open for clients or guests who need a place to stay on a spur of the moment decision. Hotel guests who don’t like to plan and secure accommodations in advance or who failed to do so and still want a good hotel are bound to benefit from the app.

How it Works

Called One Night Standard, the app makes it easy for hotel guests to get excellent deals on same-day bookings at Standard properties, starting at 3 pm. However, demand from other boutique hotels who want the same service spurred the launch of the company’s One Night, an app which now offers rooms in other hotel properties. While it works fairly like One Night Standard, the One Night app focuses on providing guests with accommodations at trendy hotels. That’s a definite draw factor for a lot of guests.

Market Demand

While some are skeptical about having enough market demand to sustain the need for a mobile app that books only boutique and independent hotels, growing user stats say otherwise. The app has already scaled to 17 markets, two of which include Bangkok and London. For hotel owners, the merit in using the app may lie in how it can cut down on distribution costs.

Buying a Hotel

If you plan on buying a hotel, the app can help you fill in occupancy vacancies at your hotel. Work together with a reputable hotel brokerage firm to find out if hotels in your lineup suffer from a low occupancy rate. Knowing everything you can about the hotel property for sale that’s on your list will help you be prepared once you take the reigns.

With hotel brokerage firms like NewGen Advisory, finding properties that fit your requirements and budget should be less complicated and much better than undertaking the job yourself. With pros to help you work out which hotels are a good fit for your needs, you can start building plans to improve occupancy and other issues that may be affecting the property’s ROI and bottom line.

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