For in-Room Technology, Look to the Living Room

Connected technology is quickly becoming the newest addition to hotel guest rooms. By investing in multiple device integration with in-room technology, hotels will start to see the benefit of building a technology ecosystem, one that’s going to improve guests and the hoteliers both in the long term. Intertwined Technology As more and more of in-room […]

Deloitte: CFOs Anticipating a Slowdown, but Not a Recession

  While the economic outlook continues to be positive, the CFO Signals points out expectations for a slow-down by the end of 2020, one that could lead to the softening of lodging-industry fundamentals in the short term. Not a Recession Expectations run to a deceleration of U.S. economic activity by the end of 2020. However, […]

Transforming a Hotel into a Lifestyle Brand

When it comes to selling services or products, it’s nothing new that you, as the owner, would want to turn it into a brand that people from different parts of the world would recognize. This happens even to those who own property assets such as hotels. You’d want your accommodation to be so remarkable that […]