Deloitte CFOs Anticipating a Slowdown, but Not a Recession

Deloitte: CFOs Anticipating a Slowdown, but Not a Recession

While the economic outlook continues to be positive, the CFO Signals points out expectations for a slow-down by the end of 2020, one that could lead to the softening of lodging-industry fundamentals in the short term.

Not a Recession

Expectations run to a deceleration of U.S. economic activity by the end of 2020. However, industry experts are quick to point out that the forecast doesn’t refer to a recession. That’s certainly a better outcome to hold out for.

Still Positive for Business

That said, while the economic slowdown is expected, entrepreneurs are encouraged to think of it as merely a blip instead of a severe dip. With clear indications that the market will bounce back by the year 2022, with an increase in demand of about 2.5 percent, property owners or investors looking for a hotel property for sale can take this time scout out options.

Good Time to Buy

With the slow-down, it’s a good time to pick up a hotel property at a bit of a discount. Whether you already have your eye on a few options, or you’re still looking for the ideal hotel sale, you can look forward to a range of excellent choices when you get professional help. Get in touch with a hotel brokerage firm to help you out.

Getting Buying Help

If you are thinking about investing in a hotel property, then make sure you get the right broker to help you out. Do your homework. Find one that’s familiar with the area and has a solid understanding of the qualities that you require from an investment buy.

Check Out Your Options

It’s not always easy to pick out which investment is going to prove better for you in the long run. Investments always come with a bit of risk. What you’ll want to consider are the fundamentals. Check out the hotel’s experience in the past. Does it have solid branding? What can you change to turn the hotel’s performance around? What kind of edge does it have over the other properties on your list? You’ll want to consider all that before you proceed with an investment decision.

Bottom Line

The slowdown is going to affect the hotel industry, but it’s not likely to hurt profit margins to the extreme. However, that could give you the opening you need to find properties that meet your requirements. For help in finding the ideal hotel property for sale, contact NewGen Advisory.

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