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Guest Ratings Hold More Weight Than Brand Value

Buying a hotel can be a brilliant investment move. However, finding the right hotels for sale can present quite a challenge. One of the many factors you’ll need to take note of are the guest ratings of the property.

Guest Ratings Over Brand

Studies show that consumers are putting more weight in guest ratings and reviews over brand value. That’s an advantage for investors. If you invest in or buy hotel properties that don’t quite have the best brand value, then you still have a chance to gain a competitive advantage over hotels that have an established reputation and record in the industry.

Price is Still a Factor

Aside from guest ratings, price remains a major consideration for many consumers. Most pick their accommodations after being swayed by promotions. If you want to increase bookings for your hotel, then you’ll need to come up with strategies that factor in discount deals. If you want to make your hotel venture a success, then you’ll need to find a way to bring real value to your customers. Price has a lot of influence over the buying interest of shoppers and will help you attract your target market.

Choosing a Property

Not all properties are good choices. If you’re shopping for a hotel business for sale, you’ll need to consider a lot of things. Start with your buying reasons. Why do you want to invest in a hotel? Your reasons can influence the type of establishment you’ll choose. How much is your budget? What locations work for you? The answers to these questions will guide your investment decisions.

Hiring a Professional

If you’re shopping for hotels, make sure you find the best properties. Work with a firm that offers property brokerage services. With an expert and seasoned realtor to provide you with listings, you can find a property that fits the bill much sooner rather than later. You can also count on having someone to take care of the necessary details of buying a piece of commercial property—from drawing up the contracts to negotiating on your behalf.

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