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The Future of Cellular Connectivity for the Hospitality Industry

As guests become more demanding in the type of services they want, hotel properties will need to keep up to meet their demands. That includes providing excellent wi-fi connectivity.

Draw Factor

Reliable and secure high-speed wireless connectivity is one of the basic amenities that many guests now require, with more than 96% of guests who believe that wi-fi should be free. When it isn’t, many end up booking elsewhere. Lodgings that offer poor wireless coverage also end up with fewer bookings. Some customers may even refuse to return for another stay, citing the poor connectivity as a factor in the decision.

Wi-Fi Overhaul

Wi-Fi connectivity is now second in importance only to clean sheets. With more and more guests likely to pick a property that offers high-speed wi-fi connectivity over those that don’t, hospitality lodgings are spending money on restructuring their networks to provide better and increased coverage.

Buying Opportunities

If you are looking to invest in hotels for sale, then you’ll need to consider the importance of mobile connectivity to your guests. Before you shop around for properties, consider the possible costs you’ll end up with. Will you need to restructure the Wi-Fi network? Does the hotel already have an excellent one in place? With mobile connectivity affecting your returns, you’ll want to have all the help you need to make the right decisions.

Getting Advice

Look for a hotel brokerage so you’ll have the assistance of seasoned agents to find the property that meets your requirements. Talk to your agent about your stand on wi-fi connectivity to make sure you and your broker are on the same page. When your agent sends over the listing, you can rest easy, knowing that they’ve used the considerable resources they have at their disposal to put together a list of the lodgings for sale that fit your needs.

Hiring a Firm

Check the credentials and experience of the brokerage firm before you hire its services. Do they specialize in hospitality properties? If you want a trusted firm to help you make an offer to the right hotels for sale, contact NewGen Advisory today.

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