What’s Attracting High Net-Worth Investors to Value-Add Assets?

More and more high-net worth investors plan on putting their money in value-add assets. As a wealth-management strategy, investing in high-value real estate is an effective way to grow and even protect one’s assets. That’s one of the reasons why investors are looking for value-add real estate properties. The move is also an excellent way for them to diversify their portfolios.

Why invest in hotels?

Investors looking for a place to put their hard-earned money can look forward to the steady and safe increase of real estate ROI. While they might need to invest in redeveloping or improving the property, these upgrades can lead to a spike in the hotel’s rental revenues, which many investors find appealing.

How do you look for properties?

Careful consideration must be taken to ensure that you find the property that’s right for you. Working together with a hotel brokerage can help. By hiring the services of a real estate broker, you can count on a pro to help you work out the property options that best fit your requirements. For instance, how much is your budget? What locations work for you? What kind of amenities or how big or small is the size of the property? Talking it out with an experienced broker can help you get a list of hotels for sale that can lead you closer to buying the right property investment.

How do you pick a broker?

Choose a brokerage firm that has been in the business for years. What kind of properties does the firm handle? If you’re set on buying a hotel or investing in one as a partner, then it’s an excellent idea to find a broker that deals with hotel properties exclusively. Check out the areas where the firm operates. Does it cover the areas you’re interested in?

What do you look for?

Aside from long-term industry experience, it wouldn’t hurt to pick a brokerage company that has an excellent reputation for delivering results. Ask around. Dig into the firm’s background. You might want to check out reviews and feedback as well. What do other clients say? Are they happy about the firm’s service quality? What was their experience working together with the firm? Find out before you hire the firm.

Expand your portfolio and assets. Work together with a trusted hotel brokerage like NewGen Advisory to find the best investment property for you.

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