Does Your Hotel Need to Meet Sustainability Goals? Five Technologies to Help

Beyond the obvious goal of contributing to the welfare of the planet and its natural resources, hotels that meet sustainability goals experience many business benefits as well. It reduces costs in many areas, such as water expenses and food spending. Also, many customers base part of their decisions on which hotel to frequent based on the company’s practices and approaches to environmental concerns. If you’ve got a new listing hotel for sale, these new technologies will help your hotel get a handle on its sustainability approaches and get your listing off to a great start.

Sustainable Power

As you’re looking to set up your hotel brokerage property structurally, give strong consideration to renewable energy sources such as solar panels or other similar structures. Utilizing solar panels to provide even a portion of your hotel’s energy needs make a huge dent in your costs.

New Efficient Windows

Every hotel visitor enjoys having a beautiful bright window in their room, but if the windows aren’t energy-efficient, you could be losing conditioned air (and money!) right out of your building. Numerous options exist that can help you meet sustainability goals. Consider basic coatings first that can help reflect sunlight heat but still allow light to penetrate effectively. If your windows are due for replacement anyway, you may be able to implement more technologically advanced electrochromic glass, which runs a small electrical charge through the window that can change the level of solar radiation it reflects, depending on the time of year or weather.

Switch to LED

With the introduction of CFLs, many hotels made the switch from incandescent lighting but were disappointed in the lighting quality as well as the advertised versus realized lifespan of the CFL bulbs. However, with the advent of LEDs, businesses have found a much more workable option for lighting needs that last longer, cost less in the long run, and provide quality lighting in all different areas of the building.

Sustainable Exercise Equipment

You might be surprised to learn that fitness equipment that is left powered on all day can significantly impact electricity costs. By installing cordless equipment that does not require electricity, or using ‘smarter’ equipment that can regenerate user-produced energy to enable the machine to require less purchased power, you can end up using remarkably less electricity across your property.

Check for Occupancy

Occupancy sensors can help reduce energy needs in a few different ways. If hotel guests forget to turn off the lights when they leave the room for the day, sensors can detect the lack of motion and turn them off. If there is an extended time between guests in a particular room, the sensor can be used to automate the lighting or heating/cooling needs to save energy in between occupancy.

NewGen Advisory can work with you to identify other great ways to help you meet your sustainability goals in your new listing hotel for sale!

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