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10 Hotel Trends That Will Shape Guest Experience in 2019

Travelers rarely visit a particular place simply to experience a specific hotel—yet that hotel can have an enormous influence on their trip. It is where they start and end their day and where they rest and refresh for whatever awaits them. Whether you are a new owner or putting your hotel investment property up for sale, what should you be thinking about in 2019 to help ensure a unique and wonderful experience for your guests?


Smart Rooms: Incorporating new technologies into your rooms will go a long way to appealing more to your guests. Features such as in-room tablets and automated lighting are just a few options to consider.

Artificial Intelligence: If your website is not using AI tools such as chatbots or data tracking for predictive analysis, you should strongly consider a consultation with a top hotel broker expert to revamp your online presence.

Variety of Travel Needs

Personalized Solutions: Who doesn’t like feeling special at a frequented spot? From a personal name-drop to a select gift or treat when visiting, hotels can offer warm feelings without much special effort.

Weekend Getaways: The popularity of a spontaneous trip is increasing—and your hotel can capitalize on this trend by offering special weekend incentives for these last-minute travelers.

Variety of Guests

Global Travelers: As multinational business efforts continue to expand, and as leisure travelers are open to exploring new places on the planet, the hotel industry would do well to recognize that international travel may factor into more and more of your clients’ experiences.

Millennial Focus: Millennials do many things differently than other generations, including travel. They seek authentic experiences, such as bed and breakfast options. How can your facility help cater to this type of client?

Attracting Business

Influencers: Online influencers can reach an enormous audience; hotel owners would do well to help ensure they are sharing positive experiences.

Government Initiatives: As countries continue to grow and seek to join the global market, their travel needs will grow also. Hotels should be ready for an influx of business based on these needs.

Planet Resources

Sustainability: While planet resources may seem inexhaustible, recent movements have drawn attention to the fact that they are not. Your hotel must provide services and options, such as efficient lighting or water flow initiatives, that take sustainability into account.

Eco-Tourism: Visiting places that are ‘off the beaten path’ is a current trend in the leisure travel category. If you can provide services in these more niche locations, you will be able to capture a significant part of the travel market.

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By considering these 2019 trends, you can put your hotel in a great position to cater to all customers.

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