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Here’s How to Optimize Your B2B Sales Strategy for Selling to the Hospitality Industry

Times are tough out there for small businesses, but the hospitality industry is seen as a steady and growing part of the wholesale B2B market. For everything from craft beer to curtains, cleaning services to pest control, hotels, motels, and even AirBnBs have needs that small, local service companies and wholesalers are uniquely suited to address. The hospitality industry is growing, and everything from campgrounds to luxury hotels for sale and hotel real estate for sale is being snapped up by people who are interested in operating franchises or their own independent boutique hotel.

How to Get on the Radar

For a local business, such as one offering clean-tech laundry, even multinational hotel chains are not outside the realm of possibility when it comes to B2B sales. Many chains prefer to deal locally simply because supply chains are expensive to maintain and prone to interruption. Here are a few ways to get on the radar, and get your product or service sold.

  • Sit down and create a strategy. The big hotel chains no longer dominate the travel stream of consciousness. They need ways to pull in paying customers. To do that, they need to offer what smaller venues can’t. What do you have to offer that makes you unique, and special enough that their customers will gladly pay a premium price?
  • Alter your company’s SEO to include terms such as “near me” and “nearby” to attract companies looking for local suppliers.
  • Hotels operate on a rubric called revenue per available room – RevPAR – which hoteliers calculate by multiplying the average daily rate by rate of occupancy. The income per available room has to cover the hotel’s day-to-day operating expenses. Smaller hotels operate on a very lean RevPAR, and need to make decisions about services and goods that will help them make the most of their revenue.
  • Do you have a product that is primarily local interest only, or would your product do well even outside of your local area? Remember, competition is heavy, and you need to have a brand presence to hit with the big leagues.
  • Know who to talk to about your product, and that will take some research. While independent hotels and smaller hotels have a centralized authority, who does most of purchasing, small and large chains have people in charge of different functions. For instance, the district manager for housekeeping may make all decisions over housekeeping purchases from cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, to toilet paper.

Growing Tourism = Growing Market

Luxury hotels for sale are a thriving market and a unique business opportunity for the local wholesaler or small business. NewGen Advisory list hospitality properties in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. If you’re looking to sell to hospitality players or even thinking of starting your own, you will find the best properties online at

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