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Smart Rooms — Trends That Are Redefining Today’s Hotel Rooms

Technology pushes a more and more interconnected world. Meaning industries like hotel services have a stronger incentive to adapt and expand for their growing audience. New trends like smart hotel rooms provide that exact solution.

Whether you are a veteran in the hotel service industry or looking to expand into it, the new traits of these smart hotel rooms are a trend worth watching.

What is on the horizon for smart rooms? What new services might help draw new customers to your hotel?

What Makes Smart Hotel Rooms Smart?

Smart systems are everywhere, from our phones and computer to even our refrigerators. Hotel services are no different, and various conveniences and experiences can turn a regular hotel room into a smart one.

The trends are pushing towards lots of new technology integration. These 5 items below are the front runners for crafting the best smart hotel room experience.

1. AI Assistants

AI and robotics have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The possibility to have functional robotic or AI greeters and service members is now a very real potential.

You can customize these personalities with dozens of languages, male or female persona, and even level of attentiveness.

Custom AI at the consumer’s beck and call can make for a powerful luxury experience.

2. AR/VR Experiences

The entertainment industry may have struck gold with AR and VR experiences. The technology allows for a near-infinite range of possibilities without needing heavy setup.

You can have an entire live show broadcast right to people’s rooms. Interactive fitness centers are a popular addition. Even interactive check-in and check-out from anywhere can make quite an impact.

3. Smart Room Keys and Security

Technology often forces security to the forefront. With so much more to protect, you want to ensure you’re safe. Hotel guests need to know their room is safe with their belongings.

The old-school keycards have since phased out into digital systems. Now, smart hotel rooms add in biometric scanners and keyless access from your phone to add in security and centralized control.

4. Evolving the Lobby

One aspect that is often forgotten is the lobby. The classic lobby design was often wide open with no real places to sit when using the check-in desk.

Now, smart hotels provide comfort in rooms, service, and also greetings. Help desks are more casual, with comfortable seating to remove the customer’s weary travels away as soon as possible.

These adaptations will vary depending on the theme and aesthetic of the hotel. The idea to remove as much stiff and impersonal service from the equation is key.

5. Blockchain and Cloud Technology

To support all of this, and to make for a smoother experience both with the customer and behind the scenes, many hotels are not relying on blockchain and cloud technologies.

These technologies ease over a lot of the organization of any business. With an industry with so much change and routine as the hotel service industry, it will be as important as ever.

Establishing a New Hotel Experience

These smart hotel rooms allow you to offer a new level of experience. The sleek technology of the future feels right at our fingertips, the exciting possibilities will only continue.

To best integrate smart hotel rooms into your ventures, you need quality property. Whether you are seeking to buy and expand or sell and reorganize, we here at NewGen Advisory have everything you need. Contact us today for more information!

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