Health, Hygiene and Safety: The New Customer-Trust Currency

The pandemic has upended numerous elements of all areas of business. This is especially true for the hotel industry and all who inhabit it. 

One thing to keep in mind is that things might not shift entirely back to normal once the pandemic is over. Customer attitudes, values, and currency have changed and aren’t likely to shift right back to the way they were. 

Customer-trust is now largely based on how careful you are about keeping them safe. That value is instilled in many people, and it will remain as business starts turning back toward the way it was. 

Let’s dig into that idea a little deeper. 

How Customer-Trust is Tied to Health

The shift toward normalcy will be a gradual one. Some of the safety measures currently in place will have to remain, and other ones will take their place. 

As vaccines roll out and cases start to decline, we’ll still see a lot of concern about safety from customers. We also have to remember that COVID-19 precautions are the norm now, and many people will prefer to go engage in the ways that we currently are. 

Measures to Take Moving Forward

The overarching principle to refer back to is that customers will continue to want reassurance that your facility is up to hygienic standards. Meeting that criteria could mean enhancing your protocols and clearly displaying how well you are keeping things clean. 

Research from Dr. Peter O’Connor suggests that customers of the future will expect to have fewer human interactions and be able to conduct transactions on their devices. Meeting this demand requires that your hotel take on a digital interface that allows customers to book rooms, check-in, and check-out without having to speak face-to-face with anyone. 

Customers will also expect to have a clear line of digital communication with staff during their stay. Employees at reception, then, might be working on a digital chat as well as phone lines, for example. 

Many hotels offer buffet style or all-you-can-eat dining options that might also have to go. Large numbers of buffets are either closing down or taking steps to change their businesses drastically. 

Individuals will be less eager to enjoy a buffet after the pandemic. Any area where customers are touching the same utensils repeatedly is one should be adjusted to reduce transmission of viruses and germs. 

Grab-and-go food and other safe options exist and might be a good alternative to the dining options that you currently have. 

Finally, the change back to normalcy will require that you ease into opening your leisure activities to the public. Consider opening up your pool or hot tub to reservations for small groups or having strict guidelines on the number of individuals allowed and how far apart they can be. 

Need More Hotel Insight?

Developing customer-trust is more important now than it ever has been in the past. We’re here to help you explore more ideas that could put you into good standing with your customers and improve your business through these hard times. 

Explore our site for more tips and tricks on how to make your hotel the best it can be. 

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