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Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2021

The hospitality industry evolves at a rapid rate. That hasn’t been more truthful than with recent global events that shape all aspects of lives.

The hospitality industry is more competitive and challenged than ever before. Keeping updated with the latest industry news and trends is essential. But keeping tabs on everything can be challenging. 

So here are the top 5 hospitality trends of 2021.

1. The Rise of the Staycation

Today, the hospitality industry is trending towards “staycation” more than the long-distance vacation everyone has become accustomed to in recent times.

COVID restrictions all over the globe mean that staycations are at an all-time high. As travelers have had less money to spend, more have chosen to holiday nearer to home.

The increasing reliance on technology has also brought more home comforts than ever. As a result, many choose not to venture far for their break away.

2. The Personalized Hospitality Experience

Personalization and automation are two technology trends that are dominating the hospitality experience.

These trends range from using data from targeted advertising through to the in-house experience. The possibilities are endless when integrating technology into personalization.

And, the reverse can also occur. Using technology to analyze food wastage or customer interactions are also beneficial. These allow more valid improvements to the experience.

3. Marketing Strategies in Hospitality

As discussed above, targeted advertising is a valuable area for businesses. Businesses can improve conversion rates, reduce costs, and offer a higher price for the premium experience.

Thus, this results in higher customer satisfaction. Further, it allows you to maximize your profit margins even further than ever before.

Marketing is more important than ever in the hospitality industry. And by personalizing marketing to the individual, your customers will align more than ever with your business model and values.

4. Emphasis on Sustainability

Today’s global crisis has strengthened belief in sustainability and caring for the environment.

Reducing plastic usage and moving paperwork online are two of the traditional methods adopted to reduce wastage. In many countries, businesses are moving towards electric vehicles. In doing so, they reduce their long term carbon footprint, as well as their expenditure.

With catering and food sustainability, visitors are becoming more conscious of what they are eating. They are also wary of wasteful packaging, with demand for organic fruit and vegetables and vegan options more popular than ever.

5. The Future of Hospitality Technology

Web 3.0, a collective name for the next-generation of the internet, allows for more technological advances than ever before. The beginnings of an accurate AI system, combined with augmented reality, are beginning to come to fruition. 

Smartphones and biometrics like fingerprints are useful for identification and security measures. For example, an automated hotel can make a room available for 3 pm for a specific customer whose phone has the functionality to be a room key.

That same customer could also use augmented reality to decide what to wear and view the menu in front of them, ready for the evening ahead. These are two examples of the endless possibilities of hospitality tech.

Adapt to Hospitality Trends to Keep Ahead

Despite these long-term pioneering trends in the hospitality industry, recent global events are changing the landscape in 2021. Worldwide COVID restrictions, Brexit in the UK, and a global recession are three factors in play.

Thus, preparing for the future today by keeping up with the latest hospitality trends is the secret to a successful future hospitality business.

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