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Hotel Industry: Guest Expectations After Lockdown

After months of lockdown, hotels are open for business once again. However, the business will not go back to how it was, and innovative and adaptive change is needed to find success.

In 2020, through the lockdown, guests developed expectations from the hotel industry. Considering the drastic effect that COVID has had on the hotel industry, hotels can not afford to let guests down. 

Communication is key to recovering the industry and improving revenue to match and exceed the figures from the past. 

What Guests Expect from Hotels Post-Lockdown

A number of surveys and research efforts have revealed key findings that can help hotels better connect with guests and offer them the peace of mind that they need. 

Cancellation Policy

Flexible booking policies are a major deciding factor when guests book a hotel. By offering empathy and a flexible approach towards unpredictable circumstances, hotels can earn guest loyalty.

Reasons for cancellation can include unpredictable travel bans, sudden illness, or a spike in cases. In these instances, it’s usually in the best interest of the hotel not to have these guests stay.

Tech-Savvy Operators

Lockdown has given hotels an opportunity to explore digital solutions without losing the friendly touch that is synonymous with hospitality. Technology can be used to benefit both the guest and the hotel staff by making use of contactless check-in and room entry. Ensure that the hotel website is updated, easy to use, and offers a simple online booking system. Tech-based methods also offer an element of safety as well as convenience.

Recommendations and Reviews

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of travel and the safety of moving around. Social proof has always played a role in consumer decisions, and now more so than ever. 

Before reserving a room at a hotel, approximately 90% of guests will research the hotel online. These guests will expect to see reviews of cleanliness, hygiene, and convenient processes. 

Housekeeping and Additional Cleaning

Guests expect hotels to take action towards keeping the premises clean. Small steps can be taken to ensure that guests feel confident in a sanitary environment. 

For example;

  • Screening on arrival 
  • Sanitizer readily available
  • Social distancing in common areas
  • No housekeeping during the stay

All of these practices ensure less contact and heightened cleanliness.

Price and Value for Money

The pandemic led to the United States having the highest number of job losses since the Great Depression. When pricing rooms, it’s important to consider the economic climate and strike a balance between profit and availability. 

The price of hotel rooms and the value for money is one of the top factors influencing accommodation bookings post-lockdown.

Questions to Ask Your Guests

Industries are slowly adjusting to the “new normal,” and travel has opened up again. As guests are getting vaccinated and confidence is increasing, more travelers are booking into hotels. 

After a significant amount of time living in lockdown and with restrictions, it’s important that hotels consider any fears or concerns that guests may have on their minds. Communication is key to making a guest feel safe. 

Here are a few questions to ask guests, giving them peace of mind and an opportunity to share feedback.  

  • Does the check-in process have room for improvement?
  • Was the hand sanitizer in the room useful?
  • Does the hotel COVID-19 protocol inspire confidence?
  • Did the hotel inspire a mood of relaxation?
  • Is the hotel worthy of recommendation?

Understanding how the guest feels about the hotel management and their experience creates a constructive feedback loop.

Assistance from Hospitality Industry Experts

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