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Hotel Technology Trends Pt. 1 : Concierge & Guest Rooms

The hotel industry is constantly pushing for innovative technology due to the ever-changing expectations of the modern traveler2022 has been a big year for hotel technology trends, with upgrades trending for nearly every element of hotel operations. Moreover, the industry can use these latest hotel technology trends to craft unforgettable guest experiences and introduce guests to the potential our current tech can achieve. Glittering hotels led the way in technology adoption from the electric light bulb to the keyless door lock and everything in between. 


In general, every hotel experience begins at the concierge desk – until now. Guests seek to cut trips to the lobby to streamline travel, maintain social distancing, and minimize misunderstandings. When guests can manage their booking, check-in, and car/room service through an app, hotel staff can track guest activity in return. 

The concierge app is the single biggest hit in hotel technology. This mobile app allows guests to manage their stay straight from their phones. For instance, they can book an additional night, order room service, or book a spot on one of your partner tourist packages from any phone or tablet.   

As a result, this make things easier for your guests, and each decision is printed and recorded. Your staff can finally say goodbye to “over the phone” confusion.  


hotel reception, hotel technology trends, tech trendsNotably, guests love mobile check-in because they can arrive at any moment. Delayed flights, lost wallets, and other travel fiascos don’t have to end in a frazzled moment at the front desk. Instead, guests can book, check in on arrival, and pay their initial bill from their phones. They may then greet the concierge in the lobby with a smile after that first essential shower and change of clothes.  


Having a way to overcome language barriers for international travel is a valuable service for any hotel. However, it has never been so accessible. Caption programs listen for a set language and can print or translate a caption. It can then be integrated into your hotel app as a potentially life-saving translation tool for international visitors.


Guest tracking allows your staff to know who they are talking to when approached by a guest and locate guests as they move through the property. There are several ways to track guests to provide a better complete concierge experience. For instance, you can use RFID chips in the room cards to track the Device IDs of guest phones connected to the hotel app or give guests an RFID bracelet for keyless entry and amenities access. Facial recognition and comprehensive cameras are slightly older, but still popular, alternatives.  


Hotel technology trends always center around guest room technology and, hoteliers, the future is here. Every Sci-Fi hotel you’ve seen computer-generated on television is near possible today. Apart from forcefields and waterless showers, we can design smart ACs, voice-controlled room AIs that speak to guests (if desired), and live feature walls. The only limitation now is the time and resources for each new wave of upgrades.  


Keyless entry has become expected in newer and higher-end hotels across the globe. Using the concierge mobile app allows your guests to send a signal from their phones to unlock the door. It can also be used to unlock hotel amenities like the gym or pool gate, just like a key card. This new trend also eliminates the cost of replacing a lost or stolen room key.  


Let the phones be charged! Modern hotels have already picked up that lamps with USB ports are a hit, but it’s time to upgrade to induction charge pads as well. USB ports are still useful, but many recent device models have no charge ports at all. Guests love being able to simply set phones on the nightstand for an overnight charge.  


Hotels worldwide are saving money (and impressing guests) with smart lights and smart AC Thermostats. For the hotel’s benefit, smart lights and ACs turn themselves off when the room is unoccupied and at set times of the day. Guests, on the other hand, benefit from voice-controlled and scheduled features to make the room as convenient as it is comfortable.  


Speaking of voice control, hotels are integrating an increasing number of in-room smart devices or IoT devices. Smart TVs can be controlled with a remote, phone, or with simple voice commands. It also plays soft music with ambient visuals if television is not desired. Smart coffee makers can greet your guests with the smell of their chosen blend.  

hotel technology, hotel tech, technology trendsThe true height of luxury is smart mirrors that displays the news, hotel schedule, and more on the glass. These are also hot for gyms as digital trainers.  


Hotels are looking to test the cutting edge tech that can integrate virtual reality or augmented reality features. Some hotels are now commissioning virtual hospitality spaces  in the “metaverse.” Avatars of guests can explore virtually luxurious vistas or beautiful scenes of nature. VR provides an immersive headset experience for games and virtual environments.   

AR in rooms, can be accomplished with a camera phone app or a projector-lit feature wall. This allows your guests to lay in the forest or by the sea in the privacy of their rooms.  


NewGen Advisory specializes in hospitality real estate strategy that goes above and beyond the typical traveler experience. Join us next time for part two, where we explore the latest technology trends for hotel amenities and BTS tech for hotel operations. Contact us today for more hotel trends, insights, and unique strategies for your hospitality property. 

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