Crexi Platinum Broker Awards 2024

NewGen Advisory Recognized in the Annual Platinum Broker Awards by Crexi

Phoenix (March 21, 2024) – NewGen Advisory is thrilled to announce that eight of its distinguished agents have been recognized in the annual Platinum Broker Awards by Crexi, the leading commercial real estate marketplace and technology platform. The esteemed recipients of this year’s accolade are Dinesh “Dan” Rama, Jigar “Jay” Desai, Bharat Patel-Vakil, Ryan Bodine, Kishan Gohel, Devesh “Devo” Ragha, Andrew Post, and David Bowman. This recognition places them in the top echelon of brokers using the Crexi platform, highlighting their unwavering commitment to excellence in the commercial real estate industry.

The Platinum Broker Awards by Crexi are designed to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the most outstanding brokerage teams and individuals across the nation. Winning this award signifies a high level of engagement with the platform, exceptional property search scores, adept use and knowledge of Crexi’s marketing tools, successful deal closures, and an impressive track record of generating leads, maintaining a robust portfolio of listings, and achieving significant transaction values.

“This recognition from Crexi is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent of our agents.” Says Suraj Bhakta, CEO of NewGen Advisory. “I am incredibly proud of our team for setting the highest standards of professionalism and achievement in the hospitality real estate sector.”

Crexi Platinum Broker Awards

The Platinum Broker Awards criteria include exceptionally high engagement with the Crexi platform, a high property search score, effective use and knowledge of Crexi’s marketing portal, deal closures, and a healthy number of leads per listing. Additionally, recipients must showcase a substantial portfolio of total listings and the overall value they bring to the commercial real estate market.

NewGen Advisory extends its heartfelt congratulations to its awarded agents and remains dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the commercial real estate industry.

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