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How To Elevate Food and Beverage Trends in the Hotel Industry

With the summer months approaching, hotels everywhere are looking to accommodate guests properly during the rising temperatures. Food and beverage trends in the hotel industry are shifting, so guests staying with the hotel decide to keep their dining experiences closer to their rooms and have more time for activities in the area. 

This is vital information, as most people want to head back to the hotels and out of the campgrounds. The last few summers saw more visitors than the last, and this summer is expected to continue that trend. Knowing that guests are ready to move back into that luxury experience, there are some trends you can expect to see moving forward. 

Embark on Culinary Tourism Food & Beverage Trends 

Over the last few years, customers have been looking to take on culinary tourism, making it a focal point in their travels and experiences. This is largely thanks to social media, and many hotels are including the following trends in their menus this summer to accommodate guests looking for these options while they travel. 

1. Embracing Local Dishes

Regional dishes that are popular and expected in an area are becoming staples on hotel menus. For example, someone traveling to the Midwest would look for dishes that embrace local beef. Someone wouldn’t be looking to purchase seafood dishes in a landlocked state. Food and beverage trends in the hotel industry mean looking at the menu and having it reflect the local culture.

If the local area is known for specialty desserts because of the fruit season, these hotel kitchens adjust their menus to have desserts available for guests. For example, Dollywood Resorts in Pigeon Forge, TN, embrace the local mountain culture and apple farms in the area. Some of their menu items like the Tennessee Mountain Apple Stack Cake is a staple to the local region for guests to enjoy while staying with them on their mountain adventure. 

2. Wine Tastings and Brewery Tours

Over the last few years, there’s been an influx of travelers wanting to get a whole experience of local wineries and breweries in areas. The idea of custom and unique flavors is appealing to today’s travelers. Hotels have extended this trend into their hotel dining locations, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of the local area and get their favorite beverage they may have tried while exploring earlier in the day. 

3. Food Festivals Taking On Food and Beverage Trends in the Hotel Industry

Many of your larger cities that attract a lot of travelers each year have moved to have food festivals at different times throughout the year. These festivals can center around a certain type of food or a culture where different items are made. When this happens, guests leave the hotels and head to these festivals, leaving the dining room empty. During these celebrations, hotels have decided to get in on the fun and offer their own specials to embrace the festival, encouraging guests to stay for a meal or even swing by for a sweet treat on the way to the room. 

Embrace Farm-to-Table Food and Beverage Trends in the Hotel Industry

One of the most innovative ways to get hotel guests to take a second look at the menu is to offer and advertise fresh farm-to-table ingredients. So many guests today are very conscious about the quality of their food and how it made its way into the kitchen. This requires a few extra weekly shopping trips, but it is a great way to fill up the dining room with your guests and attract locals to your restaurant to dine on the slower evenings. 

When you embrace farm-to-table, you’ll move to more local vendors, meaning you’ll have to know what products are in season and adjust your menu to match what is readily available in the area. This will also reduce the amount of frozen foods in your kitchen.

Purchasing fresh produce at local farmer’s markets and going to the local meat market for fresh cuts is a great way to boost the brunch scene if your hotel isn’t already hosting.  For example, the Grande Lakes Orlando has adopted this practice, using local ingredients throughout their different kitchens and bars. This has become one of the most popular dining experiences, including various fresh and elegant dishes paired with some of the best mimosa blends. 

Unique Dining Experiences

Enjoying a meal is not just about the food on the plate. Diners want an elevated experience, including entertainment during the meal and interactions with the chef to elevate the experience.  They want the drinks they choose to compliment the dish and complete the meal. These experiences allow them to embrace the event, take pictures, and make sure they share just how much of  a great time they had at the restaurant. 

Live Entertainment

Enjoying a performance or a show during dinner is a great way to attract diners to the hotel restaurant. Food and beverage trends in the hotel industry have seen a demand for moving to live entertainment. At times when the hotel may be more vacant, bring in some of the more popular live music acts to perform, drawing in a local crowd. Having a live band to listen to is something that many guests have grown accustomed to and seek out when they’re traveling. This is a great option for hotels with patio seating or rooftop dining. 

Interaction Experiences

food & beverage in the hotel industry

Chef interaction experiences are in high demand, and something that families enjoy when they’re on vacation. Food and beverage trends in the hotel industry see these as something the guests want and look for in restaurants in these areas. These have always been a popular attraction for hibachi-style restaurants, but hotels now embrace this concept with different types of cuisine. This could be making a fresh Caesar salad tableside and allowing guests to participate in various cooking stages.

Restaurants that allow their diners to be involved in the process allow them to make the meal their own, not only by deciding how well they want something cooked but also by understanding how it is cooked and appreciating the experience. Having that connection with the chef during this process elevates the experience. It will encourage them to enjoy the experience with all their senses, including smell, touch, and hearing the dishes as they cook.

Preparing For Different Diets

Whether it is a preference or allergy, hotel restaurants are starting to see the growing demand for dishes that accommodate different diets. Not only are their allergies to be concerned with, but many hotel guests are on very popular diets when traveling, and they want to keep to that diet. These diets could be based on philosophical or religious backgrounds, just as vital as allergens.

It’s important to have dishes that can accommodate multiple diets so that everyone at the table has something they can enjoy. Having vegetarian and vegan dishes will accommodate a large portion of diners. Having at least two or three entrees, an appetizer, and a dessert for these guests will allow flexibility and not feel limited. Expanding on these dishes will also be a good option for other diets with strict accommodations. 

Giving Life to Classic Drinks and Popular Drink Preferences

While most bars have always needed staple drinks for national and even international travelers, many of these drinks are being given a facelift with flavored liquors and new blending methods being used in cocktails. You’ll find different brands of liquor and spirits that may be more locally based or preferred in hotel bars. 

There is a growing market for mocktails for guests under 21 and those who prefer no alcohol. Many of these younger travelers are veering away from alcohol, finding that they want a healthier lifestyle but still want a drink that tastes amazing and makes a beautiful picture. Mocktails are picture-perfect, blending juices and soda for a flavor explosion for guests. 

Moving Forward With Food and Beverage Trends in the Hotel Industry

Any hotel’s core is its ability to accommodate guests’ needs, and its hotel dining is also responsible for making that happen. This is why it’s important to know what is trending with today’s traveling Americans and ensure that your hotel dining experience is one they embrace and enjoy during their stay. NewGen Advisory has the information you need to guide your establishment in the right direction. If you want more information from our firm and get assistance with assets, contact our team today for more details. 

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