NewGen Advisory – Innovative Hospitality Research is part of NewGen’s evolution to better service hotel owners as they seek their next investment opportunity to realize their growth plans.

We combine the rigor of Wall Street research with the pragmatism of Main Street hotel ownership – focusing our robust data sets and analysis on actionable insights that inform deeper market understanding and more profitable investment decisions.

Our differentiated research is grounded in generations of hospitality ownership while keeping an eye towards the trends reshaping our industry.

Wall Street level analysis

Focused Research

While much of the hospitality research revolves around large gateway markets, we have deliberately set our focus on delivering in-depth analysis of five distinct regions and 35 captivating cities. Our commitment lies in shedding light on markets that often go unnoticed by other research firms. At NewGen Advisory – Innovative Hospitality Research, we offer more than just a macro-overview; our comprehensive research empowers you with easy-to-understand forecasts, forward guidance, and a unique Hotel Index Score, meticulously weighing 10 critical market factors.

Our dedication to excellence reflects in our timely publication of quarterly market reports complemented by ad-hoc market deep dives. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to leverage our proprietary datasets, providing industry thought leadership at every step.

Whether you are a seasoned industry player or an aspiring entrant, our hotel market research will equip you with invaluable insights and data-driven strategies for unparalleled success.

NewGen Advisory - Innovative Hospitality Research

Innovative Hospitality Research

Our REsearch

Your go-to resource for data-driven insights into the hospitality industry. Our team of experts combines rigorous research methods with deep industry knowledge to provide a range of research products that help hotel owners, operators, and investors make informed decisions about their investments.

monthly and quarterly


For even more insights, our monthly and quarterly research reports dive deep into the latest economic data and trends affecting the hospitality industry. With a focus on actionable intelligence, our research products are designed to help our clients achieve their investment goals and make informed decisions about their hotel investments.


Market Data Map

Our interactive market data map allows you to visually see the hotel index scores in the 40 non-gateway markets across 21 states using 10 critical factors indicative of markets that demonstrate sustained and growing hotel fundamentals.

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