Lender Services

NewGen Advisory offers a complete one-stop solution for every lender and special servicer’s distressed assets or REO needs relating to their hotel and lodging assets. From borrower default, to foreclosure sale, through liquidation or at any point in-between – NewGen Advisory understands that time is money and will engage the best course of action on each individual asset to achieve the maximum proceeds-to-value for the lender while mitigating the possibility of extended days on market. We provide asset preservations services, hospitality expertise, receivership and management options, and state of the art hotel brokerage services.

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Preservation of Asset Value

As a leader in hospitality solutions, NewGen Advisory will ensure the right legal and operational steps are taken throughout the receivership process to preserve and stabilize the value of the asset quickly and efficiently. We have extensive experience working with court-appointed receivers to secure the asset for the court while simultaneously providing experienced hotel oversight, valuations, management and brokerage services. We will develop and implement plans to improve market positioning and increase operating efficiency to maximize asset value.

Hospitality Expertise

Our team understands both the business and legal aspects of receiving a distressed property via bankruptcy or foreclosure. We will work hand-in-hand with the lenders and special servicers to stabilize the hotel and improve the efficiency of the troubled asset.  We will evaluate and recommend new brand solutions, franchise opportunities and more effective systems and processes to maximize the property’s market share. We will evaluate the capabilities of on-site staff and managers and their ability to continue to be of value to the asset. When working with NewGen Advisory, rest assured that every possible solution will be accounted for.

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Receivership and Management

NewGen Advisory understands the technical and legal processes that are involved when it comes to receiving a distressed property by a lender through foreclosure, bankruptcy and negotiated transitional handovers. We have extensive experience in independent, branded, select service, full-service and resort hotel receivership assets.  Our team of management companies are the best in the industry and regionally located for emergency response, understanding of the local market, and immediate take over if necessary.

Hotel Brokerage

We are the leading hotel brokerage in the country. With a client database that spans the entire United States, there is no hotel we can’t sell. NewGen Advisory has closed transactions and listed hotels for sale in nearly 35 states. Whether you have a hotel for sale or a portfolio of properties, we aggressively market each property with the most state-of-the-art approach to marketing platforms. Our brokerage division allows us to be the best suited partner for any lender or special servicer that is dealing with distressed assets or REOs as we can quickly take the asset to market and offload it per client instruction.

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