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Knowing and understanding when you are ready to sell your hotel or motel can be challenging.  For some the hotel may be trending up year over year, with a solid balance sheet, lean operations and a great reputation – that owner may be ready to capitalize. For others, they may need to get out from under a particular deal. We can help you capitalize on your asset or liquidate your position – Call any of our agents for a free broker opinion of value to understand your property’s strengths and weaknesses.  We are here to assist you every step of the way. 

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Proven Performance

Our results speak for themselves. NewGen has sold all hotel asset classes from economy to luxury, all across the United States. With a close rate of over 90%, we continue to lead the industry in transaction success via traditional, confidential listings and auctions. We believe our execution is due in large part to comprehension of the industry.

Expert Comprehension

of the Hospitality Industry

Our principals have developed, owned, and operated hotels.  It is from this perspective that we train and educate our entire team. As hoteliers, we can create transaction value enhancement based on our operational knowledge.  We educate the buying community on ways to maximize value and support it with credible, fact-based analysis. Our analysis accounts for the online reputation of the hotel, comparable sales for similarly situated assets, and analysis of expenditures to create instant buyer value add. We work with our Clients to make sure we uncover additional value strategies that can be implemented prior to listing as asset that can make the difference from a hundred thousand dollars to over a million-dollar opportunity on valuation.

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Comprehensive Broker Valuation

Contact us if you are ready to sell for a free Comprehensive Broker Valuation on your hotel.  We provide an in-depth analysis of the valuation factors directly related to the value of your hotel.  We complete a thorough assessment of the local market, analyzing your positioning against the competition in ADR, RevPAR, and Occupancy Rate.  Full assessment is completed on the brand, improvements required, and lateral opportunities. You will gain a complete assessment and understanding of the hotel’s performance prior to listing. This allows our clients to understand the precision marketing efforts tailored to each property.

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