The Profitability Buzz Behind the Economy Sector of the Hospitality Industry

Many industries pose considerable risk to investors. Between lack of experience in the field to consumer whims changing, and every reason in between, businesses often find themselves swimming at high tide and low tide just to try to stay afloat. However, the hospitality industry seems to be relatively immune from this phenomenon and, in fact, … Continued

F&B Branding is the Next Big Opportunity for Hotels

Tourism is Everywhere It’s not just the big hotel chains that are profiting from the increase of tourism. Smaller hotels and purely local players are definitely in the game. From a small B&B in an off the beaten path in a lakeside town to a quirky roadside motel on Route 66, to small specialty boutique … Continued

Hotel brokerage

How Ace Hotels Pioneered the Boutique Hotel

If you have been to one of today’s trendy bed and breakfast-style accommodations or boutique hotels, you have no doubt experienced the benefits of these smaller hospitality offerings. People are increasingly drawn to the feeling of staying with friends and family without actually worrying about inconveniencing those they love – and it has made for … Continued

Hotel Sale

100-Year-Old Hotel Designed, Built, and Financed by Women

In the nearly 100 years since its opening, it is safe to say that the Hotel Figueroa has been the backdrop for many a scene. Inarguably a piece of local history, it is impossible to say just how many lives the building and business have touched. The truth of this is even more apparent when … Continued

Looking for a Boost to in-Room Dining Revenue? Try Some New Technology!

You’ve found some hotel real estate for sale, and after your purchase, you’re trying to think of new ways to enhance the visitor experience. You already know that you’re planning to offer room service to guests, but how can you try to maximize the revenue there? When you consider that the vast majority of your … Continued

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