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Hotel Sustainability

Why Are Sustainable Hotels On The Rise?

The pressure for sustainability is growing now more than ever as travelers are more willing to stay in a sustainable hotel. Sustainability is increasingly being recognized

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Hotel Investments

5 Tips For First-Time Hotel Buyers

As the world reopens after the pandemic, many industries are experiencing substantial increases in profitability. The hospitality industry is starting to grow leaps and bounds

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Hotel Under Construction
Hotel Conversion

Why Hotel Conversion?

In 2019, hotels across the country experienced a tremendous bull run from the last recession. Capital was abundant, supply was plentiful, and demand was high.

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Hotel for Sale
Hotel and Retail Brands

SBA loan payment relief due to COVID-19

Congress has authorized a much-needed second round of Section 1112 payments to eligible SBA loan recipients. This funding is available to eligible, non-casino hotels and

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hospitality trends
Hospitality Industry

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2021

The hospitality industry evolves at a rapid rate. That hasn’t been more truthful than with recent global events that shape all aspects of lives. The

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Hotel for sale Ohio
Hospitality Industry

The Resurgence of Travel in 2021

The travel industry went into a tailspin due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As hotel owners welcome the new year, however, they may entertain some cautious

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