What is the Cost of Labor in the Hotel Industry?

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The cost of labor has been steadily on the rise. How will this affect the hotel market going forward? The rising cost of labor has been a hot button topic in recent months. According to Reuters, labor costs in 2021 “surged [about] 4.0% on a year-on-year basis, the largest rise since 2001.” With both wages […]

7 Tips for Improving Hotel Operations With Fewer Workers

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Covid-19 has altered the hospitality industry in many ways, impacting how hotels operate to survive while maintaining brand quality. Hotel managers have had to develop ways to work efficiently and provide good customer service with fewer workers on board.  Whether the reasons are financially motivated, or there simply aren’t enough workers available to fill job […]

The Role of the Qualified Institutional Buyer in the Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is recovering and gaining momentum as assets change hands at an accelerated pace.  The lodging industry is expected to see a full recovery towards the end of 2023. Until then, hotel buyers and owners battle it out to find a […]

What You Need to Know about the Framework for Reopening International Travel

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Are you ready to welcome back international travelers?  After a challenging year with various restrictions, the travel industry has adapted and is starting to open again. Hotels have put safety measures in place to welcome international hotel guests. The rest of the hospitality industry is pivoting as well. In 2020, there were 19.45 million international […]

Important Hotel Metrics to Measure Success Post-Lockdown

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The hotel industry, along with the rest of the tourism sector, was one of the most affected by lockdown and restrictions.  Finally, after months of economic turmoil, the hotel industry is slowly recovering. The road ahead will be a long one, and it may not look the same as before, but the industry is pivoting. […]

Hotel Industry: Guest Expectations After Lockdown

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After months of lockdown, hotels are open for business once again. However, the business will not go back to how it was, and innovative and adaptive change is needed to find success. In 2020, through the lockdown, guests developed expectations from the hotel industry. Considering the drastic effect that COVID has had on the hotel […]

Solving the Hotel Industry Labor Issue

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The skies are undoubtedly sunnier for many hotel owners and investors as vaccines are rolling out and businesses open up. A perfect example of this change in fortunes is seen by merely turning on the television and watching sporting events. Audiences are packing arenas and stadiums once more–and that’s splendid news for hotels. Even going […]

8 Factors to Consider with Hotel Conversions

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It’s true… the Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a major blow to the hospitality industry. With tourism stifled and convention centers abandoned, many hotel owners have put their hotels for sale at bargain prices. Enter the savvy real estate developers who understand the cost of construction and recognize the value in acquiring and then converting hotel […]

The New Minimalistic Guest Room Approach

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“Less is more”, as Coco Chanel used to say, may no longer apply exclusively to the fashion world. In light of the “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, minimalism is now an essential strategy to maintain spaces clean and safe. Whether you own a hotel, or if you’re simply a homeowner who hopes […]

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2021

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The hospitality industry evolves at a rapid rate. That hasn’t been more truthful than with recent global events that shape all aspects of lives. The hospitality industry is more competitive and challenged than ever before. Keeping updated with the latest industry news and trends is essential. But keeping tabs on everything can be challenging.  So […]

Health, Hygiene and Safety: The New Customer-Trust Currency


The pandemic has upended numerous elements of all areas of business. This is especially true for the hotel industry and all who inhabit it.  One thing to keep in mind is that things might not shift entirely back to normal once the pandemic is over. Customer attitudes, values, and currency have changed and aren’t likely […]

The Resurgence of Travel in 2021

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The travel industry went into a tailspin due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As hotel owners welcome the new year, however, they may entertain some cautious optimism for travel in 2021. Experts agree that travelers are chomping at the bit to travel again and that pent-up demand is starting to bubble to the surface. Travelers’ wanderlust […]

Do These 4 Things to Survive into 2021

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The decline of hotel occupancy in 2020 is not news. Even though occupancy rates have increased since the Coronavirus outbreak, recovery is still uncertain. Hotel owners will need to be evermore strategic moving forward. Here are four things hotel owners can do to survive into 2021. Personalize Your Customer Experience  Tom Knighton, Conversant Solutions, pointed […]

Considering Purchasing a Commercial Note? Triple up the Due Diligence.

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Every financial cycle or economic downturn brings forward its fair share of distressed assets.  In these situations, banks and lenders will often start shopping out non-performing loans to shed some liabilities off their books or even free up capital. This inevitably brings out investors looking for an opportunity to get a steal in the marketplace. […]

How to Drive Revenue for your Hotel with Group Sales


With hotels being decimated by COVID-19, hoteliers are looking for any strategies to help them increase revenue. One of the areas that many hotels are focusing on is group sales. Although this may not have been a big push for you before 2020, now could be the perfect time to actively build this side of […]

Hotel Industry needs COVID Relief Now


The hotel industry needs additional help to stay afloat, and that help has been slow in coming. With the 2020 presidential election less than a month away, countless hotel owners worry they won’t survive the holidays without additional economic relief. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) surveyed 1,000 hotel owners, operators, and employees at […]

Five Ways to Creatively (and Inexpensively) Market Your Hotel through COVID-19


Given the state of hospitality today, hoteliers need to think very creatively to capture new business. Four out of ten hospitality workers are still not working. According to a recent AHLA article, more than half open hotel rooms were empty across the country as of August 1st, 2020. This is in addition to the thousands […]

Target Leisure Travelers Until Business Travel Recovers


It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on the business travel industry. Since March 2020, experts estimate this $1.5 trillion industry has lost around $518 billion; devastating numbers for transportation, hospitality and more. According to Dave Hilfman, executive director of Global Business Travel Association – a trade group with around 9,000 members […]

CMBS Loan Relief for Hotels – September 2020 Update


Back when the first CMBS loan relief was offered, no one could have predicted how little it would help. Its 90-day deferral of payments got hotels through April, May and June only. Then June rolled around with no end in sight and so a second wave of CMBS loan relief arrived in the form of […]

Younger Demographic Less Fearful of Travel and Hotel Stays

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At the beginning of August, consumer confidence fell to its lowest level in six years amidst summer coronavirus surges. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index declined to 91.7 in July and then decreased to 84.8 in August. The Present Situation Index, which measures consumers’ assessment of the current state of labor and business, decreased significantly […]

Three things hoteliers must do to keep data safe


The more companies use and leverage technology, the higher the security risk to the company and its customer base. This past June, Twitter learned this lesson the hard way when cyberattackers managed to send out tweets on behalf of some high-profile individuals. Twitter announced that business clients using its advertising and analytics were subject to […]

What Does the New Normal Look Like for Hotel Owners?

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As we continue to make our way through the single biggest global crisis in recent memory, hotel owners are left not only with vastly reduced occupancy, but also with the burden of dealing with a “new normal.” As hotel owners consider how to move forward, there are three key areas to focus on: enhanced cleaning […]

How will the 2020 Presidential Election Impact the Hotel Industry?


As you know, we are in the midst of a presidential election year; wondering who will lead our country into the next four years. Each potential candidate has his own views on things that will impact hotels and the hospitality industry at large. In particular, changes to the minimum wage and to immigration law could […]

Why You Should Attend Hospitality Conventions


Most industries have annual conventions where hundreds (even thousands) of people gather to learn, network and grow their business. The hospitality industry has many annual conventions, but why should you attend? After all, going to a convention not only costs money, but also costs you time away from your business. Here are three reasons why […]

Selling a Hotel? Why NewGen Advisory Is the Right Choice


When you’re selling a hotel, it’s important to choose the right hotel broker. Choose poorly and the sale could take far longer than you’d like and earn you less profit. But, choose NewGen Advisory, and not only will you sell your hotel fast, but we will get you the best possible return on your investment. […]

Which Amenities Do Hotel Guests Want (And Use) Most?


As a hotel owner, your main concern is to fill as many rooms as possible as consistently as possible. It’s common knowledge that prospective guests place price, location and solid reviews high on their list of determining factors, amenities are the thing that can really set a property apart. The amenities you offer are one […]

The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Hotel Property


Travelers are relying more and more on online reviews to help them make hotel decisions. In a survey of more than 900 people, travel-technology company Expedia Group found that, while price plays an important role in the choosing of a hotel, guest ratings/reviews are also an important factor in hotel selection. In their study, Expedia […]

Coronavirus Will Leave Its Mark on the US Tourism Industry


If you think the coronavirus won’t have a significant impact on US tourism, think again. As of the writing of this article, there are 71,000+ worldwide cases of coronavirus (known as 2019-nCoV) and more than 1,800 deaths. The CDC has issued a Warning Level 3 China Travel Notice; recommending the travelers avoid all nonessential travel […]

How Hospitality is Working Across the Country

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The hotel and lodging industry can claim numerous reasons why it is one of the most successful fields of operation in the world of businesses. Hospitality brokers know that there is a constant stream of clients ready to invest in this popular arena. How does the hospitality field maintain its competitive advantage? By investing in […]

The Profitability Buzz Behind the Economy Sector of the Hospitality Industry

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Many industries pose considerable risk to investors. Between lack of experience in the field to consumer whims changing, and every reason in between, businesses often find themselves swimming at high tide and low tide just to try to stay afloat. However, the hospitality industry seems to be relatively immune from this phenomenon and, in fact, […]

The Future of Cellular Connectivity for the Hospitality Industry

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As guests become more demanding in the type of services they want, hotel properties will need to keep up to meet their demands. That includes providing excellent wi-fi connectivity. Draw Factor Reliable and secure high-speed wireless connectivity is one of the basic amenities that many guests now require, with more than 96% of guests who […]