Johanna Cuevas: Hotel Investment Basics 101

Johanna Cuevas had the opportunity to speak at the Latino Franchise Symposium on April 21st in Dallas, Texas. Her panel focused on discussing hotel ownership amongst the Latino community and how we can spread awareness to help Latinos get into ownership. johanna’s position on hotel investment basics – What is your story and what got […]

Phaseout Begins for Bonus Depreciation Dec. 31, 2022

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100% bonus depreciation will begin to phase out after December 31, 2022 and will phase out by 2027. The current law, passed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 gives business’s the option to depreciate a larger percentage of qualified assets from their taxes in the first year the asset is placed in […]

5 Tips For First-Time Hotel Buyers

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As the world reopens after the pandemic, many industries are experiencing substantial increases in profitability. The hospitality industry is starting to grow leaps and bounds as many people are traveling after spending a year at home. If you are a savvy investor looking for a great opportunity to make money, then buying a hotel is […]

The Role of the Qualified Institutional Buyer in the Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is recovering and gaining momentum as assets change hands at an accelerated pace.  The lodging industry is expected to see a full recovery towards the end of 2023. Until then, hotel buyers and owners battle it out to find a […]

Introduction to 1031 Exchange & How Hotel Investors Can Benefit

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The process of investing in a hotel provides various investment options. There are several methods to acquire property. Exploring these different options will bring prospective buyers face-to-face with 1031 exchanges. As well as the alternative of opportunity zones. The hotel industry is thriving and has a global value of more than $570 billion. Investors continue […]

NewGen Advisory Delivers Results During Pandemic Squeeze on Hotels and Housing

NewGen Advisory

Phoenix, May 2021 – NewGen Advisory (NGA) created a task force to help hotel owners and alternative use buyers during the pandemic. The initiative tapped expertise from multiple industry experts to help hoteliers safeguard their investments and increase the number of dwelling options for the depleted housing market. NGA’s task force team of hospitality experts […]

Why Hotel Conversion?

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In 2019, hotels across the country experienced a tremendous bull run from the last recession. Capital was abundant, supply was plentiful, and demand was high. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The hotel industry halted abruptly with stay-at-home orders and nationwide lockdowns. Occupancy and revenue for hotels plummeted to record lows.  Many industries struggle to […]

Considering Purchasing a Commercial Note? Triple up the Due Diligence.

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Every financial cycle or economic downturn brings forward its fair share of distressed assets.  In these situations, banks and lenders will often start shopping out non-performing loans to shed some liabilities off their books or even free up capital. This inevitably brings out investors looking for an opportunity to get a steal in the marketplace. […]

How AI is Changing the Way Front Desk and Reservation Agents Work


Although we’ve relied on hotels and other means of lodging for centuries, that doesn’t mean this sector has no need to innovate. On the contrary, both boutique and chain hotels alike need to keep up with the times if they want to continue to attract guests.  In other words, hotels have to find ways to […]

Radisson Hotel Group Invests in Meetings and Events Offering

Amenities continue to be a significant draw for hotel guests. By providing clients with spaces where they could plan and organize events, hotels can generate more rental revenues. The Radisson Hotel Group believes in the same idea, with the brand launching its new meetings and event spaces. The hotel group wants to become the number […]

Clean Tech: How Technology is Changing Hotel Linens

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It takes an enormous amount of water—about 2,800 gallons of it—to wash a queen-size bed sheet. Factor in the chemicals needed to sanitize the sheets along with the annual cost of replacing hotel linens—which have risen by about 25 to 35 percent due to theft and persistent stains—and that gives you an idea of how […]

Online Ratings and Hotel Investments

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Star ratings matter. In an age where consumers check reviews and feedback online before they buy a product or try out a service, ensuring that your property consistently has high ratings can draw a lot of customers to your doors. With plenty of review sites such as,, Expedia, and more, people have a […]