Sustainability and Local Sourcing in the Hospitality Industry

Sustainability & Local Sourcing in the Hotel Industry

In a world where tourism is growing tremendously, establishing sustainable local sourcing in the hospitality industry is no longer an option. The dire repercussions of a lack of sustainable local sourcing hospitality can already be felt across the global ecosystem, with the hotel sector accounting for around 1% of global carbon emissions, which will be […]

Why Are Sustainable Hotels On The Rise?

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The pressure for sustainability is growing now more than ever as travelers are more willing to stay in a sustainable hotel. Sustainability is increasingly being recognized as the key to a profitable organization in the twenty-first century, and it has emerged as the top interest for the hospitality industry. The pandemic forced hotels to change how […]

Sustainability Efforts Amongst Hotel Brands: A Peak into 2023

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Every choice we make has an environmental impact, good or bad. The choices businesses make, multiply their environmental impact a thousand-fold as sustainable travel became a powerful trend in the hospitality market. Travelers today are more conscientious of the carbon footprint each trip requires. While we cannot yet help the impact of airline tickets when […]