Why Are Brand Standards Important?

In an era where the hospitality landscape is marked by fierce competition and ever-evolving guest expectations, one factor consistently stands out as a key differentiator: brand standards. These standards, encompassing everything from guest services to room design and operational efficiency, are not just guidelines but the linchpin of a hotel’s identity and success. In this […]

Top-Tier Hotel Brands Move Down Market

In the last few weeks, the top-tier hotel brands Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott have all announced new Midscale Extended-Stay sub-brands, reinforcing an emerging trend over the last several years where top-tier brands expand into more Midscale and Upper-Midscale brand offerings. These new product offerings appeal to guests and owners alike. Guests are responding to economic […]

Do New Brand Hotels Affect Old Brand Hotels?

New and Old Brand Hotels

From premium economy hotel brand, Spark by Hilton to Accor’s stylishly curated Handwritten Collection, the past few months have seen a proliferation of new brand hotels in the U.S. These new hotel brands are causing a stir in the hospitality sector with many questioning whether the industry can equally sustain both new and old brand […]

A Guide to Efficient Extended Stay Hotel Management

extended stay hotels, hotel management

Business-driven management structure for long/extended-term hotels The hotel industry took a massive blow during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the past two years have offered huge promise for the sector, with extended-stay accommodations spearheading the recovery. With 38.8% of Arizonians working remotely at the beginning of the pandemic – and 59% of Americans still teleworking in 2022 – […]

Soft-Brand Hotels: Create Your Own Vibe That Lasts

hotel management, soft brand hotels, Hilton hotels

Big brands within the hotel industry are focusing more on offering the boutique lifestyle that offers customers unique settings and experiences. A report by TripAdvisor shows an increase in over 19% of soft-brand collection hotels in the past decade. This report also indicates that boutique hotels performed better than other hotel sectors within the last […]

The Resurgence of Travel in 2021

Hotel for sale Ohio

The travel industry went into a tailspin due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As hotel owners welcome the new year, however, they may entertain some cautious optimism for travel in 2021. Experts agree that travelers are chomping at the bit to travel again and that pent-up demand is starting to bubble to the surface. Travelers’ wanderlust […]

How to Drive Revenue for your Hotel with Group Sales


With hotels being decimated by COVID-19, hoteliers are looking for any strategies to help them increase revenue. One of the areas that many hotels are focusing on is group sales. Although this may not have been a big push for you before 2020, now could be the perfect time to actively build this side of […]

How the “Internet of Things” can help hotels bounce back from COVID-19

hotels and technology

The world has changed, and if hotels want to bounce back from the pandemic, they will have to change with it. The old status quo is a thing of the past; replaced with a “new normal” of mask-wearing, social distancing and more. Thankfully, we live in a highly digital age where technology can help hotels […]

Three things hoteliers must do to keep data safe


The more companies use and leverage technology, the higher the security risk to the company and its customer base. This past June, Twitter learned this lesson the hard way when cyberattackers managed to send out tweets on behalf of some high-profile individuals. Twitter announced that business clients using its advertising and analytics were subject to […]

What Does the New Normal Look Like for Hotel Owners?

Hotel for sale Oklahoma

As we continue to make our way through the single biggest global crisis in recent memory, hotel owners are left not only with vastly reduced occupancy, but also with the burden of dealing with a “new normal.” As hotel owners consider how to move forward, there are three key areas to focus on: enhanced cleaning […]

Bouncing Back from COVID: Government mandates and consumer travel trends

hotel industry

It’s a whole new world for the hospitality industry as it begins to slowly regroup in the wake of COVID-19. No one is certain what the recovery phase will look like, or how long it will last…we are definitely in uncharted waters. We can look to what happened in the wake of the SARS outbreak […]

5 Ways to Attract More Bleisure Travelers


The numbers are in: bleisure travel is on the rise. How can your hotel attract this growing class of travelers? Most bleisure travelers are millennials, and they’re looking for specific things when booking their bleisure trips. Keep reading and we’ll go into five ways to appeal to this demographic. What Exactly Is Bleisure? The word […]

Smart Rooms — Trends That Are Redefining Today’s Hotel Rooms

smart hotel rooms

Technology pushes a more and more interconnected world. Meaning industries like hotel services have a stronger incentive to adapt and expand for their growing audience. New trends like smart hotel rooms provide that exact solution. Whether you are a veteran in the hotel service industry or looking to expand into it, the new traits of […]

Which Amenities Do Hotel Guests Want (And Use) Most?


As a hotel owner, your main concern is to fill as many rooms as possible as consistently as possible. It’s common knowledge that prospective guests place price, location and solid reviews high on their list of determining factors, amenities are the thing that can really set a property apart. The amenities you offer are one […]

The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Hotel Property


Travelers are relying more and more on online reviews to help them make hotel decisions. In a survey of more than 900 people, travel-technology company Expedia Group found that, while price plays an important role in the choosing of a hotel, guest ratings/reviews are also an important factor in hotel selection. In their study, Expedia […]

Coronavirus Will Leave Its Mark on the US Tourism Industry


If you think the coronavirus won’t have a significant impact on US tourism, think again. As of the writing of this article, there are 71,000+ worldwide cases of coronavirus (known as 2019-nCoV) and more than 1,800 deaths. The CDC has issued a Warning Level 3 China Travel Notice; recommending the travelers avoid all nonessential travel […]

10 Hotel Trends That Will Shape Guest Experience in 2019

Modern hotel lobby

Travelers rarely visit a particular place simply to experience a specific hotel—yet that hotel can have an enormous influence on their trip. It is where they start and end their day and where they rest and refresh for whatever awaits them. Whether you are a new owner or putting your hotel investment property up for […]

F&B Branding is the Next Big Opportunity for Hotels

Hotels & Motels

Tourism is Everywhere It’s not just the big hotel chains that are profiting from the increase of tourism. Smaller hotels and purely local players are definitely in the game. From a small B&B in an off the beaten path in a lakeside town to a quirky roadside motel on Route 66, to small specialty boutique […]

Does Your Hotel Need to Meet Sustainability Goals? Five Technologies to Help


Beyond the obvious goal of contributing to the welfare of the planet and its natural resources, hotels that meet sustainability goals experience many business benefits as well. It reduces costs in many areas, such as water expenses and food spending. Also, many customers base part of their decisions on which hotel to frequent based on […]

What’s Attracting High Net-Worth Investors to Value-Add Assets?


More and more high-net worth investors plan on putting their money in value-add assets. As a wealth-management strategy, investing in high-value real estate is an effective way to grow and even protect one’s assets. That’s one of the reasons why investors are looking for value-add real estate properties. The move is also an excellent way […]

Ambiente, North America’s First Landscape Hotel, to Open in Sedona in 2020


Sedona has plenty of breathtaking views, given its well-known red rocks, fantastic sunsets, and some of the best resorts the country has to offer. With the first landscape hotel opening in late 2020, tourists have another reason to pay a visit. Ambiente is owned by Two Sister Bosses, a local Sedona company. The firm has […]

Profit Growth Becomes Harder to Achieve for U.S. Hotels

Hotel View

The revenue growth forecast for hotels is expected to slow down, indicating that profits may be harder to hit this year. Revenue gains may have been positive for some, but only about 54.3% had seen any improvement in their GOP. What Drives Growth Historical data tells us that ADR growth is the one that boosts […]

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