5 Ways to Attract More Bleisure Travelers

The numbers are in: bleisure travel is on the rise. How can your hotel attract this growing class of travelers?

Most bleisure travelers are millennials, and they’re looking for specific things when booking their bleisure trips.

Keep reading and we’ll go into five ways to appeal to this demographic.

What Exactly Is Bleisure?

The word bleisure is a portmanteau, combining the words business and leisure. A buzz word in the world of hotel target market news, it refers to the increasingly popular trend of extending business trips for any length of time in order to recreationally explore the location.

Whether a corporate executive, a digital nomad, or a startup founder, workers today are taking advantage of the ease of working remotely and

1. Offer Reliable And Fast Internet

Since bleisure travelers will have business obligations to take care of, you’ll want to be sure they have no trouble connecting to the internet.

You can even offer well-maintained business workspaces within the hotel with dependable and fast internet access. For a small fee, bleisure tourists will know with certainty that they won’t run into issues during video calls or while uploading files.

2. Showcase Both Your Business And Leisure Amenities

When advertising to this relatively new target demographic, it’s important to illustrate that your hotel meets both the traveler’s business and leisure needs. Most hotels offer amenities of some sort, but you want to be sure yours appeal to this particular type of business tourist.

Tell them about both your corporate offerings as well as your spas, fitness centers, and pools. Encourage bleisure tourists to find the best of both worlds in your hotel.

3. Advertise Things To Do In The Area

If your hotel is situated near major landmarks, well-reviewed restaurants, or fantastic museums, you’ll want to tell your potential bleisure tourists all about it.

Not all travelers are tacking on five days to their business trip. They might just be staying an extra night. If you can sell them on the fact that your hotel is in a great spot for sight-seeing, dining, and exploring, they’ll be much more likely to choose you over your competitors.

4. Promote Special Bleisure Deals

Why not appeal to this hotel target market directly?

There are a lot of great ways to entice bleisure travelers with great deals. Offering discounts on extra nights for business travelers or for local events or attractions are a great way to encourage a business trip to become a bleisure trip. You can even offer specific bleisure packages that corporate travelers can choose to take advantage of.

5. Encourage Repeat Stays

Business travelers often revisit the same city more than once. Consider incentivizing these people to regularly stay at your hotel and extend their travel for some leisure time, too.

Consider creating a loyalty rewards program for rewarding customers, the points of which can be used to get discounts in recreational activities or hotel amenities.

Bleisure Tourists Are a Growing Demographic

All signs point to bleisure tourism only becoming more popular as the years go on. Why not capitalize on this new target market for hotels? With these five simple steps, you can create a large pool of new and returning bleisure clients!

If you’re looking for more information on all things hotels, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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