innovations and disruptions within the hotel industry

The Future of Hospitality: Innovations In The Hotel Industry

For the last decade, the emergence of new innovations and disruptions within the hotel industry are changing consumer preferences. In tandem, hoteliers have started adopting innovative solutions to ensure their businesses thrived.

Innovations such as online booking platforms, mobile apps, virtual reality tours, and AI-powered customer service are transforming hotels’ operations. Unfortunately, these changes can be overwhelming for hoteliers who don’t know where to start and how to reap the benefits. 

Along with new innovations, there have also been several disruptions such as the rise of platforms like Airbnb which now has over 2.9 million hosts in 220 countries and regions with an additional 14,000 new hosts joining each month. Another major disruption the hotel industry faced recently was the COVID-19 pandemic, which set the hotel industry back ten years.

Nonetheless, adapting to new innovations and disruptions is paramount to enjoying continued success. In this article, you will learn about the key innovations and disruptions that are taking hold of the hotel industry and how you can find opportunities to leverage new technology. Ultimately, you’ll have insight into using technology to drive growth and create a competitive edge in your market.

Top Innovations in the Hotel Industry

With numerous innovations in the hotel industry, keeping up with them can be daunting. However, since you can’t implement each simultaneously, focus on the ones that will best impact your company.

Here are the top innovations in the hotel industry that you should know about:

1. digital cashless tipping

This is a relatively new technology that allows hotel guests to leave digital tips without the need for cash. Hotels can now offer guests an easy and efficient way to reward service providers, such as housekeepers or porters.

Digital tipping also benefits hotels by eliminating the costly process of collecting, counting, and transferring cash tips. In addition, it offers unprecedented transparency for employees, who can track the number of tips they’ve received and even compare them to other colleagues.

2. Renewable Energy

The hotel industry is increasingly embracing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs. In addition, innovations like solar panel installation and energy management systems decrease environmental impact and make hotels more cost-efficient.

Hotels such as the Bawah Reserve in Indonesia now use recycled rainwater for landscape irrigation, pool filling, cooling towers, laundry machines, and even to flush toilets. This helps significantly reduce water consumption.

innovations and disruptions in the hotel industry

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI- powered chatbots are being used to automate customer service, allowing guests to get quick answers to their queries and requests. AI-based technology can also empower hoteliers to offer personalized services such as customized recommendations and dynamic pricing.

Hotels can use AI-based algorithms to increase revenue by analyzing consumer behavior and predicting trends. This technology also enhances the efficiency of operations, such as automated check-ins and ordering systems for guests.

For example, the Hilton hotel and Radisson Blu Edwardian in London and Manchester are two hotels that embraces the use of AI by utilizing concierge robots to provide guests with directions and answers to their questions.

Beyond the concierge services, some hotels are also using AI-based tools to detect threats and block malicious attacks. Innovations in this space can help protect your data from potential cyber-attacks and, keep sensitive customers information secure.

As the demand for AI solutions within the hotel industry rises, there are several providers to choose from. Hoteliers can shop for solutions at startups in addition to well-established companies such as Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), IBM, and Alibaba.

4. Contactless Check-In

One of the easiest ways to dampen the customer experience is through a delayed check-in. Innovations, such as contactless check-ins, have allowed hotels to drastically reduce waiting times.

This technology allows you to provide a contactless experience by eliminating the need for physical contact at reception desks. In addition, by leveraging this technology, you can offer guests an entirely digital check-in process, allowing them to check in quickly and securely.

For example, Flowcode helps hotels achieve contactless check-ins by offering QR codes that directs guests to a hotel portal. 

5. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is revolutionizing how hotels carry out operations by providing a platform for data management and sharing. It helps hoteliers store large volumes of customer data in one place, making accessing and analyzing insights easier.

Moreover, cloud computing enables hoteliers to improve customer service by leveraging automation and AI. Hotels can use cloud computing technology to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.

When it comes to cloud computing solutions for hotels, innQuest is one of the leading providers. The brand offers solutions that specifically address the needs of hoteliers.

6. innovative workflow management tools

A key thorn in hotel operations is managing workflow and personnel. Innovations such as sophisticated task management and employee tracking systems can help you streamline processes, track the progress of tasks, and manage staff more efficiently.

These tools make it easier to assign tasks to the right people, coordinate shifts, and monitor activities. They also help reduce manual paperwork by eliminating errors associated with traditional paper-based systems

innovations and disruptions in the hotel industry

7. sharing economy

The sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry, allowing hotels to share resources with other establishments and save costs. And beyond this sector, the sharing economy is lauded for the benefits it offers consumers including making life more affordable.

Innovations in this space will enable you to leverage technology to optimize resources and offer a better experience for your customers.

For example, some hotels offer guests access to luxury amenities such as spas, gyms, and pool areas from nearby establishments for a fee. This enables hotels to provide more services without investing in costly infrastructure or staff.

8. Virtual Reality Tours

When guests book a hotel room they want to be sure it fits their needs while providing a good stay. While photos are great, they’re not enough to make your rooms stand out from what other hoteliers offer.

This is why hotels like the Atlantis in Dubai and the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide are now using virtual reality (VR) technology to provide immersive experiences for guests. For example, innovative VR tours allow customers to get a first-hand look at the hotel before they book a room.

These tours provide an engaging, interactive experience for potential customers, allowing them to explore the hotel’s amenities and facilities easily. In addition, this technology gives customers more confidence in their booking decisions and helps hotels stand out from the competition.

One of the companies enabling hotels to achieve this is Inspace. The brand prides itself on offering a platform that can be leveraged to create immersive virtual reality experiences. With its robust built-in tools, it’ll only take you a few clicks.

Finding the opportunity

Innovations and disruptions are transforming the hotel industry, allowing hoteliers to deliver a better customer experience and streamline operations. By leveraging such solutions, you can optimize your hotel’s operations and stay ahead of the competition.

With so many innovative technologies available, there has never been a better time for hoteliers to capitalize on the opportunities in the industry and deliver an unforgettable experience for their guests.

At NewGen Advisory, we have a team of expert advisors and consultants who can help you find the right innovations for your hotel. Contact us today and get the advice you need to capitalize on the latest disruptions in the hotel industry.

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