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What Hotel Employees Find Most Important

As any service company will attest, employees are your biggest asset.  It can be difficult in today’s culture to hire and retain good employees.  So, you must look beyond the salary to those additional perks that lead to employee satisfaction.  After all, your hotel employees from the concierge to the housekeeping staff are the face of your hotel.  They represent you and your brand so keeping them satisfied and having them love where they work is essential to customer satisfaction and brand promotion.

What's important to hotel employees

The hospitality industry is very competitive when hiring and retaining qualified employees.  If a position had equal pay across the board, what would make an employee choose to work for your hotel over others?  Here is a look at what hotel employees find most important:

1. Strong Benefits Package and a Flexible Schedule

If the salary is equal, employees will next look at their benefits package which will include things like paid time off (PTO), insurance coverage, and profit sharing or a retirement savings plan.  In addition, consider employee well-being programs that are done either in-house or subsidized.  For example, allowing employees to use the on-site gym or offering classes on nutrition, weight control, or emotional support.  

Many hotel employees may be concerned about a flexible schedule that can work around their other obligations such as other part-time employment or childcare.  Working with your employees will foster trust that you want to keep them happily employed at your hotel.  Their work/life balance is essential to reducing workplace stress and absenteeism.

2. Positive Work environment

Employees who are having fun at work are more likely to be positive representatives of your brand.  Employees want to be treated with respect and want transparency when it comes to job expectations. Improving the overall organizational culture from a perceived negative to a positive, even fun place to work can ultimately boost morale, increase productivity, and encourage loyalty and trust.

If you are finding low morale or less productivity, take a closer look at your current employees who may not be supporting your brand.  This negativity has a way of becoming contagious to the rest of the staff and may have to be eliminated. Create a reward or incentive program that encourages employees to be more engaged and productive.

Hotel employees also want and expect to work under safe conditions.  Provide safety gear that is appropriate for their job as well as training on how to do the task safely.  For example, if an employee’s job requires heavy lifting, they should be provided with equipment to complete the lifting more safely and easily.  This might be a back support, a jack or dolly, or another employee to assist.  They should also be taught proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

Working in a hotel can have some dangerous areas.  Be sure that employees are instructed on the safe way to complete their tasks and provide them with the necessary tools to get the job done without detriment to their health.

3. Hotel employees want to be heard

Hotel employees, like just about everyone, want to know that their voice is important.  Provide opportunities for them to voice concerns, offer suggestions, and act on their suggestions.  Even if they suggest a plan that will not work, explain why it will not.  Some employees may have suggestions that can streamline a process or save money.  Recognize them for the suggestion and it could foster more helpful suggestions.

hotel employees

4. Leadership opportunities

Contrary to what some people think, hotel employment does not have to be a dead-end job.  Many employees may want the opportunity to move up.  They may want cross-training or education opportunities to move into management or higher-paying positions.  Explain the opportunities that are there and the types of available training that you offer.

5. Hotel Employees Expect Honesty

The best way to lose a hotel employee is to be dishonest.  Everyone wants to work with honest people and hotel employees are no different.  This includes transparency about job expectations and performance.  Building a trusting relationship is one of the best ways to retain happy, productive hotel employees.

How can a hotel's performance be affected by a dissatisfied employee?

Dissatisfied employees are negative, lack motivation, and are not as productive as employees who are happy with their job.  They are more likely to find another job with another hotel, spread their negativity to others, and be a poor representative of your brand.

On the other hand, satisfied employees are happy, productive, and can have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Hotel customers who encounter them will find them engaged in their work and equate that to a positive experience at your hotel.  The effect that happy, satisfied employees have on your company corresponds directly with:

  • Dependability: Employees who are engaged work more efficiently, have fewer absences and are most effective in completing assigned tasks.  They often go beyond expectations, resulting in higher productivity.
  •  Positive Brand Perception: Hotel guests will associate positive employee interactions with positive hotel experiences.  Satisfied hotel employees ultimately result in satisfied hotel guests who may be repeat customers.
  • Employee Retention: Hiring employees is expensive.  Training and getting them to the point of being productive takes time.  Employees who are happy tend to stay with their employer longer, reducing the number of hotel employees that have to be hired.
  • Employee Referrals: Happy employees may want to recruit productive friends that are generally hard-working and positive.  
  • Profitable: Happy employees are efficient, dependable, and productive.  That leads to a healthier bottom line.  Additionally, you can reap the benefits of repeat customers and lower hiring costs.

According to a study by the Conference Board, overall job satisfaction of all US employees is on the incline at 62.3%.  That is the highest percentage of satisfaction since 1987.  Understanding how hotel employees define job satisfaction can help your hotel exceed prior levels of satisfaction as well.

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