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U.S. Hotel Profits Hit Record High in 2018, Even as Labor Costs Rose

While expenses for hotel businesses continue to rise, 2018 turned in stronger profits than expected. That bodes well for the future of hotel owners and investors.

Uptrend Profit Growth

Maintaining profitability will prove to be a challenge for hotels as flattening occupancy levels and low unemployment will likely get in the way of achieving gains. However, the growth in hotel performance last year is a good sign. The U.S. hotel industry shows a sustained uptrend in profit growth, which means there’s a strong possibility that hotel business can continue to expect a positive growth performance in the future.

Investing Opportunities

If you are planning to buy a hotel property, then this is a good time to get in the game. High profit levels mean you can count on the business to continue to do well in the future. If the market performs turns in a stronger performance next year, then you can expect your investment to grow. That’s a good reason to start looking for a hotel property for sale that fits the bill for you.

Brokerage Assistance

Make your life easier by getting professional help. Get a list of hotels for sale that meet your requirements, including the location you want, the history, the price, and more. With a real estate brokerage agent to help you, finding the property that’s ideal for your plans will be a breeze.

Choosing the Right One

Not all brokerage firms are equal, though. If you want results, then pick a company that specializes in the kind of property you want, in this instance, hotels. A firm that has spent years providing help for buyers or sellers in the hospitality and lodging market has the resources, expertise, and training to help you.

Service Lineup Check

Be clear about the services that the firm can offer you. What tasks will it undertake? How can they help you? Knowing exactly what their job is and how they can assist you should be a factor when you choose a brokerage service.

Understanding the Charges

If you have a particular service request in mind, will those be covered under the general quote, or will you need to pay extra? What other services or requests will you get billed for at an additional charge? Find out.


With the help of a brokerage firm, you can find out which properties can provide you with maximized returns. To find the best hotel property for sale, contact NewGen Advisory brokers and make an appointment today.

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