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F&B Branding is the Next Big Opportunity for Hotels

Tourism is Everywhere

It’s not just the big hotel chains that are profiting from the increase of tourism. Smaller hotels and purely local players are definitely in the game. From a small B&B in an off the beaten path in a lakeside town to a quirky roadside motel on Route 66, to small specialty boutique hotels, to worldwide chains, everybody is looking for a place to stay. Then they want to tell all about it on their Facebook page, Instagram, and travel blog. Hotels for sale are popping up everywhere, and people are buying and opening their own businesses. Branding is an integral part of marketing a new business, and it’s not just the locale and accommodations that add cachet. Food and beverage branding is becoming part of the travel experience.

You Are What You Eat – and Drink

Along with the increase in tourism, there are increased expectations when it comes to dining. People are looking for unique and flavorful food, no longer the indifferent room service hamburger or pancake and egg breakfast. This is where branding comes in when considering hotel property for sale. Dining not only offers an extra stream of revenue but a branding opportunity for the savvy hotel owner. However, competition across the field is fierce. Local restaurants are competing to survive, and that means not only rolling out highly competitive race points but jumping on board the delivery bandwagon. Grubhub, Uber Eats, Door Dash – the options are multiple, and the offerings tempting.

How to Brand

Making eating an experience to remember starts with branding food and beverage, whether you’re operating the restaurant yourself, or bringing in an outside chef and staff. Unless you have a background in advertising, the smart money is on hiring a professional food and branding agency.

  • Start with the brand idea for your food and beverages. What audience are you trying to capture? Are you offering a fine dining experience, or will your guests be wrapping some healthy and delicious food to go while they visit a national park?
  • Research is key to making sure that your idea is not being served by someone else.
  • Unique design is important. The design of packaging, menus, and advertising has to be unique and immediately identifiable.
  • Developing a strategy for marketing and promotions is key. Digital marketing is not the be-all and end-all, local marketing targeted to the search terms “near me” or “close to” and other similar terms can bring in local diners, email opt-in serves offers long after the guests have departed, and other methods ensure that both your hospitality and F&B can catch the eyeballs you need.

Ready to Go?

When you’re ready to search for a hotel property for sale, NewGen Advisory is ready to show you the property of your dreams. Get in touch with us today and see some of the premier properties in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

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